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LawyerPicsSandraSlaton2Sandra Slaton understands the complexity of DUI cases in Arizona

Our practice takes on intricate cases that often involve the science and technical issues involved in DUI cases. . In our practice, we don’t see case files, we see individuals with complex legal issues and provide one-on-one service for all of our clients. When you hire Sandra Slaton, you get Sandra Slaton herself, a highly skilled litigation attorney with more than 30 years experience.



LawyerPicsThomasHorne2Former Attorney General Tom Horne understands the DUI procedure and how to help you navigate the intricate issues involved in DUI cases

A DUI conviction can be life changing and at Horn Slaton we understand how important it is to help you from the start of your case and through the court process.

Arizona DUI Law

Arizona is a state well known for having a high percentage of people who drink. And whether it be on an occasional basis or every weekend, it’s important that those traveling make sure they don’t exceed the state’s legal ABC content level of .08%. Those driving commercial vehicles are restricted to an even lower ABC content level of only .04%. Drivers under the age of 21 have a .00% ABC restriction. Still yet, though, drivers all across the state are picked up on DUI charges, many of whom are convicted and sentenced, leaving an extremely negative and costly mark on their driving record. It’s also important to note that Arizona has an Extreme DUI law, applying to those who receive a DUI conviction with a 0.15% BAC level. This conviction on your record and is considered a criminal misdemeanor.

Consequences to Expect with a DUI Conviction?

If you receive a DUI charge in Arizona, you will likely be booked into a jail for a few hours until someone comes to pick you up. You may or may not have to pay a bond to stay out of jail until your court date. You will want to plead not guilty when being arraigned for your charge, and you’ll also want to hire an experienced attorney. Arizona does not allow DUI charges to be dropped to a lower-level charge, so you will need an attorney to negotiate a plea or have the charge dismissed. There are many consequences accompanied with being convicted of a DUI, including possible jail time, lose of your license, and thousands of dollars in fines.

For those who receive multiple DUI convictions, the consequences get harsher with each one. Even with only DUI convictions, an offender can spend up to three months in jail and have to pay more than $2,000 in assessment and fine fees. The offender will also lose driving privileges for up to a year. Not only can the costly expense of fines and assessments set a person financially behind, but it can also greatly complicate transportation needs when going back and forth to work.

Reasons to Hire an Attorney for a DUI Charge in Arizona

With an experienced and professional DUI attorney in Arizona, you can have your DUI charge resolved in the best manner possible. There are many factors that affect a court’s ability to convict a DUI charge, and a lawyer can assess each of these factors so that your case receives the best possible outcome.

If you need an Arizona Attorney who knows DUI law, call Tom Horne and Sandra Slaton at 480-483-2178.

Notable Verdits & Achievements

  • “Co-Counsel in Maricopa County Superior Court, jury verdict in favor of client against attorney for professional negligence, total jury verdict of $720,000 and total judgment of in excess of $1.14 million after pre-judgment interest and costs.”
  • “Co-Counsel in Maricopa County Superior Court, jury verdict in favor of client against real estate developer for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and conversion, jury verdict of $3,154,382 compensatory damages and $1,261,753 in punitive damages, and total judgment of in excess of $4.6 million.”

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