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Scottsdale Partnership Disputes Lawyers

A recurring theme at Horne Slaton is that our two focal areas, business law and family law, reinforce one another. Nowhere is this truer than in the resolution of partnership disputes.

Partnerships are founded on optimism and trust. When they dissolve, optimism and trust are nowhere to be seen. Like a divorce, the breakup of a partnership has the potential to ruin all sides and to destroy the business they had high hopes for.

It is not uncommon for charges of fraud and breach of fiduciary duty to be at the center of the dispute. Dissolution is an intense experience because partners are uncertain how they will earn a living if their point of view in the dispute does not prevail.

Breach Of Fiduciary Duty ∙ Breach Of Contract

Our approach in partnership dissolution is to preserve the business, and the jobs that make up the business, if possible. When that is not possible, we seek a just division of business assets, as in a divorce. We work to dial down the heated emotion that accompanies most partnership struggles, and to focus on what is best going forward, including agreeing on responsibilities for payment of debt and future obligations.

Partnership disputes can be complicated. The ideal lawyer at such a time will have the business acumen to analyze the numbers and understand the story they tell. Tom Horne has this background, and in addition possesses powers of communication and persuasion that will put clients’ versions in the plainest and most sympathetic light.

Resolving Conflicts For Arizona Businesses

Not every partnership dispute is resolved in the courtroom. Horne Slaton brings equal skills in business litigation to the negotiating table and into a mediated environment.

To learn more, or to describe your problem, contact the Scottsdale partnership disputes attorneys at Horne Slaton, PLLC, at 480-483-2178.

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