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You Don’t Have to Suffer Through Poor Living Conditions

One of the areas of law that we are proud to practice is lease disputes. Just like with any other contractual dispute case (an area we also practice), we make sure to investigate the case thoroughly and get what you deserve. We ask about the terms of the lease and if they were clearly understood, conditions of the lease, the state of the property, if appliances were repaired, if eviction occurred, if there was property damage, what occurred with the damage deposit and so much more to make sure our clients receive justice. Below is a story about a Phoenix landlord last year who thought he could get away with having his tenants live in a slum. 

PHOENIX – Edelecia and Jeffrey moved into the Woodbridge Apartments in March and they say they are not surprised to learn that the city has designated it a slum property.

But that’s not all the city has done.

The ABC15 Investigators have learned the city has filed 406 criminal counts because of what city prosecutors say is the poor condition of the Woodbridge Apartment Complex.

Two years ago city prosecutors filed a civil suit against the owner and won a $47,000 judgment.

That case is being appealed.

Now the city has gone to criminal court accusing the owner of jeopardizing the health and safety of residents.

The charges are misdemeanors and the case is in the hands of Judge Lori Metcalf.

The judge is expected to issue a verdict any day now.

Judge Metcalf could decide to fine the owner of the Woodbridge Apartments as much as $10,000,000 according to city officials.

Whatever the verdict is, Edelecia and Jeffrey say they want to get out of their lease. They don’t feel safe.

Edelecia said, “It’s like a nightmare we can’t get out of.”

They say they there is an empty unit next door. The window is broken and there is glass on the floor that has yet to be cleaned up. They say it isn’t boarded up and there is no way of knowing who couple possibly be inside that unit.

But she says that’s not even the most serious problem the couple faces.

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