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What if my spouse does not agree to a divorce?

Trying to decide whether a marriage is broken beyond repair or worth saving is a difficult task for any couple, especially since it is impossible to step out of the relationship and observe it with an unbiased opinion. Couples in Arizona who are considering ending their marriage or who have already be in the process of getting a divorce might benefit from speaking with a third party during conciliation counseling. This might be particularly helpful in situations where one spouse wants a divorce and the other one does not.

Conciliation services are designed to help couples make the best decision about whether to remain married or get a divorce. It is not biased toward getting back together. With the help of a third party, spouses might be able to see that divorce offers a chance at a fresh start. People can initiate the process by visiting their local conciliation services office and filing a Petition of Conciliation. This could be done even if one spouse has not agreed to divorce and the divorce process has not begun.

Once the conciliation petition is filed, neither party is allowed to file for a legal separation or dissolution until a 60-day cooling off period has finished. Upon acceptance of the petition by the court, both spouses must go to scheduled conferences. The conferences are private. The professional counselors who run the meetings are required to keep everything confidential. If one spouse is resisting divorce, he or she is not is prohibited from attempting to make the other agree to a reconciliation.

Counseling does not guarantee an outcome. Spouses are still able to make their own decision about ending their marriage. If one spouse still wants a divorce but the other refuses, an attorney could assist a client with filing for divorce anyway.

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