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The Importance of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is an often confusing and terrifying realm for small business owners to find themselves in unless they have an attorney who knows how to navigate the industry. This article from the New York Times small business section delves into some basic misconceptions many people have about intellectual property law, including just how important this can be to the success of a business. 
The two most precious resources for any small-business owner are time and money. That’s why when the subject of intellectual property comes up, many owners run in the other direction. They see images of expensive lawyers and use that as an excuse to ignore the topic, reasoning that it is a problem for big companies to worry about.

The trouble is, with the rise of competition through the Internet and on the global market, understanding intellectual property is more critical than ever for small-business owners. Let’s explore some of the common fallacies:

1. For small-business owners, it’s not worth the time or effort to secure intellectual property rights.

Daniel Lubetzky, chief executive of New York City-based Kind Snacks, had high hopes when he and his company attended the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Calif., in March. And who could blame him, since his Kind Plus bars had been named the best new product at the Natural Products Expo East last October? 

But it didn’t take long before Mr. Lubetzky knew something had gone wrong: He kept hearing how one of his competitors had copied the packaging, look and feel of his bars.

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