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TED talks for your mind and wallet

TED talks are absolutely fabulous speeches made by professionals and experts in a myriad of industries. It helps laypeople understand various technical aspects and also includes topics on love, science, motivation, career and more. If you’re looking for more encouragement with your money and retirement plans listen to these TED talks and call Horne & Slaton for additional advice.

Whether you aspire to join the dramatically increasing ranks of those who live to age 100-plus or you just want to enjoy optimum health for whatever years you do have, writer and researcher Dan Buettner presents his findings from what he calls Blue Zones – the four “hot spots of human health and vitality” that he has studied for National Geographic. From diet and exercise to lifestyle choices and spirituality, it is striking how many of Buettner’s findings and recommendations for a longer, more robust life come without any increased financial expense to practitioners.

Watch Buettner’s TED Talk now.

Downsizing lifestyles and possessions is a challenge many face in preparations for or during retirement. Designer and writer Graham Hill presents a compelling case for turning that challenge into an opportunity by “editing your life” and belongings to save money, live lighter on the planet and ultimately achieve greater happiness. The design examples and other downsizing tips he offers may very well convince you that less really can be more.

Watch Hill’s TED Talk now.

Jared Diamond, a “civilization scholar,” provides an insightful, macro-level discussion on aging and the treatment of the elderly in different societies and cultures, with particularly thought-provoking observations about how these issues have changed over time in the United States. Diamond provides not only a prescription for how we might work collectively to reshape our policies and practices regarding the elderly, but also for how we as individuals can act to maintain our relevance and a fulfilling lifestyle as we age.

Watch Diamond’s TED Talk now.

OK, so this is a topic that most people prefer to ignore. But this powerful – yet supremely practical – discussion of one person’s experience in helping an elderly couple make their end-of-life plans is worth exponentially more than the six minutes of your time it takes to watch. Take a few more hours afterward to implement the five action steps prescribed by the speaker, a publisher and entrepreneur, and you and your loved ones will find comfort and peace of mind in knowing that you have addressed this often difficult issue.

Watch Johnston’s TED Talk now.

There’s no denying that with aging there typically comes a series of hardships, including increased health problems, the loss of loved ones and concerns about our continued relevance as individuals. However, psychologist Laura Carstensen presents compelling data related to “the paradox of aging,” arguing that “recognizing that we won’t live forever changes our perspective on life in positive ways.” So despite the hardships, aging also brings greater compassion and understanding as well as less stress, worry and anger – all of which can lead to greater happiness.

Watch Carstensen’s TED Talk now.

Jeff Yeager is the author of Don’t Throw That Away!, The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Road Map to True Riches and The Cheapskate Next Door. His website is; you can friend him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.


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