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Reasons for a prenuptial agreement

While a prenuptial agreement may seem anti-romantic, it can actually serve many different purposes for Arizona couples who are planning to get married. For those who have been married in the past and have significant assets, a prenuptial agreement may be a viable way to protect those assets. Those who have children from a previous Read More

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Divorcing Arizona spouses should make financial considerations

Sometimes during the process of a divorce, the spouse who was less involved in finances may not be entirely aware of what financial aspects they need to consider during negotiations for property division. One of these, for example, might be the value of assets, which can easily be overlooked but contain high emotional value. Taxes Read More

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Community property exceptions in Arizona

Arizona is one of a handful of states that follows community property laws in divorce property division proceedings. Community property laws state that any assets or debt that are acquired during the marriage are considered to be the property of both spouses. Those assets and debt are then usually split evenly between the parties in Read More

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What if my spouse does not agree to a divorce?

Trying to decide whether a marriage is broken beyond repair or worth saving is a difficult task for any couple, especially since it is impossible to step out of the relationship and observe it with an unbiased opinion. Couples in Arizona who are considering ending their marriage or who have already be in the process Read More

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Tax tips for single parents in Arizona

When a couple splits up and they have children, they could be facing an entirely new and confusing set of circumstances, especially regarding filing their taxes. The first consideration should be which of the two parents can claim head of household status. For the 2014 tax year, anyone who is earning half or more of Read More

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Social networking and divorce

As more residents of Arizona become savvy to social networking sites on the Internet, the circulation of information may lead to some difficult and unexpected revelations. According to a recent report, an increasing number of couples have divorced due to discoveries of spousal infidelity or general deception. Termed a ‘Facebook divorce,” the idea spans multiple Read More

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Male doctors have lower divorce rate than female doctors

Arizona medical doctors interested in marriage issues may have information from a new divorce study about health care professionals to consider. Among dentists, doctors, nurses and executives, doctors had the lowest rate of divorce. Although doctors had the lowest overall divorce rate among health care workers, a clear split by gender appeared in the data. Read More

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Mediation and Arizona divorce

For many couples who simply cannot continue in their marriage, a mediated divorce may be a better alternative than outright litigation. Not only is the mediation environment less intimidating than that of a traditional courtroom, but it allows both parties to discuss their needs and wants in a safe and non-confrontational space. An attorney may Read More

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Marriages more likely to end when wife is ill

Arizona couples may be interested to learn about a recent study demonstrating an increased divorce rate in situations where the wife is diagnosed with a serious illness. No corresponding rate increase was found in marriages in which the husband was ill, however. Researchers reviewed data obtained from the Health and Retirement Study, which tracked the Read More

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More dads getting alimony, child custody in US

Fathers getting divorced often worry about how often they will be able to see their kids and if they will have to pay alimony to their ex. While many men still have these issues to worry about, the roles have changed for many divorced men in the country. More men are receiving alimony or child Read More

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