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Reasons for a prenuptial agreement

While a prenuptial agreement may seem anti-romantic, it can actually serve many different purposes for Arizona couples who are planning to get married. For those who have been married in the past and have significant assets, a prenuptial agreement may be a viable way to protect those assets. Those who have children from a previous marriage may use such an agreement to ensure that their children get the assets that their parent wants to leave to them.

These days, it is not uncommon for females as well as males to request a prenuptial agreement. Experts say that there are few hard rules and that the person requesting such an agreement generally has the most assets regardless of gender. However, there is no hard data regarding how the percentage of males ask for one compared to the percentage of females who ask for a prenup. This is because there is still a stigma attached to these agreements in the minds of many, and couples are not required to make their agreements public.

A prenuptial agreement will sometimes be requested by one of the couple’s family members. For instance, if one of the party’s parents say that a large inheritance is coming, that family member may request an agreement be written to ensure that it is treated as the separate property of the recipient. This may ensure that the beneficiary doesn’t lose some or all of the inheritance in a divorce proceeding.

A prenuptial agreement may enable a couple to set forth how assets are divided in a divorce. This may make it easier to handle future property division issues. Each party should be represented by separate counsel when negotiating the terms of such an agreement to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

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