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Mother reclaims children after international custody dispute

In many divorce cases, child custody is resolved before the splitting spouses go to court. They agree to joint custody and a visitation schedule is worked out so that the child can enjoy a healthy relationship with both parents, and the parents are not separated from their kids for an extended period.

Even when this joint child custody is agreed to, there can still be issues after the divorce is finalized. Life events occur and circumstances change, forcing visitation schedules to change with them. Sometimes a parent gets a promotion, requiring them to work long or odd hours; sometimes this means a parent has to move to a different state, or even a different country.

As a result, the divorced parents need to work out some sort of deal that abides by interstate or international custody laws. This can be extremely complicated — but rest assured it can be successfully done. Even when things occur under nefarious circumstances (which is not as common as you might think), there are solutions. Take the case of a woman who let her children go visit her ex-husband in Russia. After they got there, her ex told her the kids would not be returning to her.

The woman scrambled to get her resources together, and because of her work, she was able to go over to Russia to get her kids back. It is a happy ending to a story that is usually presented as a tragic set of circumstances that leaves one of the parents powerless. However, that simply isn’t true. Parents can use their legal consultation to help craft a plan to properly address their child custody issues.

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