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More dads getting alimony, child custody in US

Fathers getting divorced often worry about how often they will be able to see their kids and if they will have to pay alimony to their ex. While many men still have these issues to worry about, the roles have changed for many divorced men in the country.

More men are receiving alimony or child support from their ex-wives. More fathers are also sharing custody or even receiving sole custody of their kids after divorce. For the longest time, many men were nervous during divorce settlements over how much alimony or child support they would have to pay. Now, the tide has turned as more women are paying spousal support or child support after divorce.

Why are more women paying alimony or child support? Many women have become the main breadwinners of the family, meaning that they are providing more financial support. This has led to more women being ordered to pay spousal support or child support.

Alimony and child support are determined by several factors but the financial ability of one spouse to pay and the other spouse’s need for financial support are big factors. Since more women are earning more money than their husbands, it is not that surprising that more women are paying alimony after getting divorced.

Another issue divorcing fathers in Arizona should be aware of is that more dads are getting shared or sole custody of the kids. As more men act as the primary caregiver, more are seeing their child custody arrangements go in their favor. This means more men are sharing physical custody of their kids and more are actually getting sole custody compared to the past.

It is very important for divorcing fathers to be aware of these changes so they know what factors are used to determine alimony, child support and child custody. This can help men work with their attorney to discuss all of their options for negotiating the divorce settlement.

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