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Marriages more likely to end when wife is ill

Arizona couples may be interested to learn about a recent study demonstrating an increased divorce rate in situations where the wife is diagnosed with a serious illness. No corresponding rate increase was found in marriages in which the husband was ill, however.

Researchers reviewed data obtained from the Health and Retirement Study, which tracked the onset of cancer and other serious illnesses in people during the period between 1992 and 2010. Researchers then analyzed 2,701 couples. When looking at couples where the wife was seriously ill, the researchers found they were 6 percent more likely to divorce.

One question the researchers did not address is which partner filed for divorce. They theorize that seriously ill women who file for divorce may do so due to their being unsatisfied with the care provided to them by their spouses. Men may file for divorce if they are unable to work because of caring for their spouse and thus have increased financial strain. The serious illnesses that were considered in the study included cancer, lung disease, heart disease and stroke.

Many factors can be contributors to a marital breakdown. In some cases, obtaining a divorce may be preferable to staying in a situation that is unhealthy. Those who are considering doing so may want to seek the advice of a family law attorney who can provide the guidance needed to help a client move forward. The end of a marriage can be highly stressful and full of conflict, but it is sometimes preferable to attempt to negotiate a comprehensive settlement agreement that will cover such topics as community property division, spousal support and child custody that will obtain the approval of the court.

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