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Male doctors have lower divorce rate than female doctors

Arizona medical doctors interested in marriage issues may have information from a new divorce study about health care professionals to consider. Among dentists, doctors, nurses and executives, doctors had the lowest rate of divorce.

Although doctors had the lowest overall divorce rate among health care workers, a clear split by gender appeared in the data. Women doctors were 1.5 times more likely than their male colleagues to have been through a divorce. The lead study author speculated in a news release from Massachusetts General Hospital that social demands on women physicians made it more difficult to balance their home and work lives than it was for men who were doctors.

Doctors in general enjoyed a lower divorce rate. Survey results from over 200,000 professionals between 2008 and 2013 showed that 24 percent of doctors, 33 percent of nurses, 25 percent of dentists and 31 percent of health care executives had experienced divorce.

Even with these encouraging figures, divorce remains a fact for nearly one-quarter of doctors. A doctor who has had a successful career may be looking at a high net worth divorce. When there are considerable business assets to be sorted out between marital partners, a doctor might choose to consult with a divorce attorney. An attorney might be able to inform the doctor of his or her rights to certain assets. Protection of business assets built during a career might be possible. Negotiations between splitting spouses might also be aided by an attorney who can advocate for the interests of the client while trying to create a fair division of marital assets.

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