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Establishing paternity in Arizona can impact your legal rights

Many fathers in Arizona wish they could spend more time with their children but due to child custody and visitation orders, some fathers are only allowed a small amount of quality time with their children each month.

One thing unmarried fathers should be aware of if they have a baby on the way is the importance of establishing paternity. Legally establishing paternity can help fathers obtain legal rights and privileges to spend time with their children that could otherwise be difficult if they are never legally named the father.

How is paternity established in Arizona? Unwed parents can sign an acknowledgement of paternity form at the hospital after their child is born. This will legally document who the biological father is and can help fathers gain visitation and custody rights. If the mother contests to voluntary acknowledging who the father is, genetic testing can be done to establish paternity. If the genetic test says you are the father, a court order will then name you as the legal father of the child.

Establishing paternity is an important step for fathers in Arizona. Being named the legal father can impact any child custody, visitation or support orders or modifications. It can also help fathers create a better relationship with their child.

Child custody and visitation issues can be complex and many fathers may not know what steps to take when trying to change a child custody or visitation order. Several factors are taken into consideration in these cases, including the best interests of the child. It is important to know what factors are considered in these cases so you may want to consult a family law attorney to discuss specific issues that could impact your case.

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