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Grandparent’ Rights
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Grandparents have rights too after a divorce

Many grandparents are finding themselves caught in the middle of their adult child’s divorce, especially when it comes to spending time with their grandchildren. When parents get divorced, they may have a hard time agreeing to child custody and visitation arrangements. This can make it difficult for grandparents to see their grandkids, especially if their Read More

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The rights of grandparents in Arizona

In Arizona, a grandparent may have the right to visitation if the parents’ marriage has been dissolved for three months or a parent has been missing for over three months. If the child’s parent has been reported missing or deceased, a grandparent may have visitation rights to the child. When a child is adopted, those Read More

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Grandparents and custody matters

Families in Arizona may benefit from learning more about the parental rights that may be afforded to other relatives in the state. If you are a grandparent, you and other family members may obtain visitation to the child, but they are rarely able to supersede the rights of the birth parents. There are several factors Read More

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Advocating for Arizona grandparents

Many Arizona children are living with their grandparents or other family members for a variety of reasons. Arizona family courts typically respect the rights of grandparents to have ongoing relationships with their grandchildren. However, in some cases it is necessary for grandparents to seek visitation or custody through the courts because they have been denied Read More

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