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Making a family

It is becoming more and more common in this day in age for couples with children to get divorced. Since divorce rates are skyrocketing, as are rates of remarriage. This means many families are joining that would not otherwise have known each other. These transitions don’t always come easy. It comes with compromise. Meet Rachel Read More

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Managing Media with Your Ex

It is a strange time that we live in, considering that media is something that we legitimately have to worry about now. If you are divorce in this day and age however, you know how important it is to make sure that your kids have enough time away from the screen. Sometimes, screen time can Read More

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When we sin, there is something else really at work.

How we as humanity define morality and the difference between right and wrong is a fascinating topic that yields all kinds of grey areas. Theologians and lawyers are just two examples of professionals entirely devoted to upholding and studying this concept. Sin or wrongdoing is a topic that comes up frequently in our line of Read More

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Quotes About Love We Could All Learn From

Making a relationship last is very difficult and is something that a lot of people have trouble with. There are some sentiments however that are universal and really helpful because no matter when you read them, they can be applied to your relationship and can help you through a rough patch. These quotes can also Read More

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Ways to Help Your Kid Through The Divorce

Sometimes divorce can be a really good thing. As Louis CK once said, “No happy marriages end in divorce.” At some point, it becomes the only option to let the family heal and truly find happiness. This is something that is difficult for most adults to deal with, let alone children. Here are some ways Read More

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

And this can be a good or a bad thing for some people. The holidays can be a difficult time if you are going through divorce so it is important to mentally prepare yourself for what lies ahead and find a way to have the most fun with the family and the least drama with Read More

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Interacting with your Divorce Lawyer

Finding the right divorce lawyer can be difficult because a lawyer has to be a lot of things to a client. They have to be compassionate, empathetic and understanding of your situation while remaining completely professional. Lawyers also have to be experienced, knowledgable and resourceful. This is an interesting blog on the role of a Read More

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Divorce With Children

Divorce is never easy but it gets markedly more complicated when children are involved as you are tethered to your ex for life because of the children you share. It is important to make the best of the situation by becoming the best co-parents you can be. Here is one blogger’s advice on doing just Read More

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Retiring Within Your Means

Retirement is supposed to be a happy part of life where you enjoy the fruits of your labors and relax after a long career but in today’s economy it is becoming more and more difficult to do so comfortably. It is not impossible, it just takes more thorough planning than it used to. Here are Read More

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The Things to Help You Get Through

When going through a traumatic event like a divorce, it is important to ask for help when you need it. That doesn’t necessarily mean a therapist or a friend, for some it is just filling out the items on this list and looking for help in music, movies, comforts and hobbies to help get you Read More

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An AV® Rating, signifies that the lawyer has reached the heights of professional excellence. He or she has usually practiced law for a number of years, and is recognized for the highest levels of skill and integrity.

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