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Mother reclaims children after international custody dispute

In many divorce cases, child custody is resolved before the splitting spouses go to court. They agree to joint custody and a visitation schedule is worked out so that the child can enjoy a healthy relationship with both parents, and the parents are not separated from their kids for an extended period. Even when this Read More

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Tips for raising children after divorce

Many parents getting divorced worry about the impact it will have on their children. Divorce can drastically change a family’s lifestyle and why wouldn’t it when your living situation and parenting style is likely to change during and after the divorce. Raising children can be complicated after getting divorced, especially if you and your spouse Read More

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Court rules on parents’ right to question children in court

An Arizona appellate court recently made a ruling that could potentially affect how child custody hearings are carried out in the state. The court’s unanimous decision is that parents and legal counsel do not necessarily have the right to question a child during a child custody proceeding. The court agreed that parents have every right Read More

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Best interest of child determinations in Arizona custody cases

In Arizona, courts make custody decisions by prioritizing children’s interests, needs and safety. To determine what is in the child’s best interest, the court considers various factors. The court adheres to a certain guidelines when establishing what is in a child’s best interest. It recognizes that family stability is important to children. It not only Read More

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Visitation rights after a divorce in Arizona

While one parent may have custody of a child after a divorce, the other parent is usually entitled to visitation rights. A judge may assign fixed or reasonable visitation to a parent, and courts generally believe it is in the best interests of children to have relationships with both parents. Ideally, a parent who does Read More

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