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Best interest of child determinations in Arizona custody cases

In Arizona, courts make custody decisions by prioritizing children’s interests, needs and safety. To determine what is in the child’s best interest, the court considers various factors.

The court adheres to a certain guidelines when establishing what is in a child’s best interest. It recognizes that family stability is important to children. It not only acknowledges that the child should be safe and protected, factors that help protect the overall health of children, but it is of extreme importance to the state when legal situations involve children, including custody cases. In cases where children must be placed outside of the original home environment, the court does its best to ensure a child’s subsequent environment will foster positive development for future success. The court also attempts to expedite custody rulings when possible.

Certain factors contribute to how the court assesses the best interest of a child. Familial relations, particularly of immediate family members is a common factor. The child’s health, including physical and mental, is another main consideration. The court also takes into account the physical and mental health of the child’s parents as well as whether there is violence within the home. In custody cases where the involved child is of reasonable age and maturity, the court may consider that child’s opinions and wishes when determining what is in the child’s best interest.

Arizona courts have a certain amount of discretionary authority when ascertaining what is best for children, particularly in a child custody case. Individuals dealing with custody and visitation issues should be prepared for the court to examine factors concerning a child’s best interest. Contacting a family law attorney may help clarify the forthcoming legal process.

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