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Never say this to someone who is going through a divorce

One of the most wonderful things about the internet is that people are becoming aware of the complex emotional narratives behind every day situations that are not often articulated. This is a great example of a fairly common occurrence that is often met with the exact wrong response, although a well intentioned one. In the […]

Can you really have it all?

There is a reason that many people say that you have to choose between having a successful career or being a loving member of a family. This does not necessarily have to be true but more often than not, it seems that something has to give. Have you had a hard time dealing with balancing […]

What exactly are irreconcilable differences?

The reason most people cite when they divorced on the legal documents is irreconcilable differences. A broad term that outside of the legal realm doesn’t get as much airtime as it should. What does it mean to be forever incompatible? What hurdle is too large to overcome and where do you draw the line? Relationships […]

TED talks for your mind and wallet

TED talks are absolutely fabulous speeches made by professionals and experts in a myriad of industries. It helps laypeople understand various technical aspects and also includes topics on love, science, motivation, career and more. If you’re looking for more encouragement with your money and retirement plans listen to these TED talks and call Horne & […]

Why you should keep an eye out in the financial realm later in life

Many people think that by the time they become senior citizens that they have to worry less about money but in reality it is the exact opposite. Not only is it a time where people are usually less able to make replaceable income but it is also an age that hackers and thieves generally take […]

Let it be or beat a dead horse

When it comes to conflict, our body naturally has two responses. Fight or flight. When it comes to dealing with a problem, there are other ways to deal. Fight, deal, cooperate or flee. When it comes to a divorce, you can’t run away and fighting only makes things worse. This doesn’t mean agreeing on everything, […]

Why dwelling does no good

When you experience a trauma, there is a very fine line between truly experiencing all of the emotions associated with the event, allowing you to process and truly move on and on the other side, dwelling on the events that makes you bitter and hurt more than is absolutely necessary. Here are some ways to […]

What to do when your ex doesn’t share your version of reality

Truth is such a strange thing as it is both objective and subjective. It is a really difficult situation when you find yourself at odds with your ex over different accounts and understandings of what has occurred at any given time, especially surrounding child care. Here is one account of this scenario and some solid […]

When there’s a marriage in distress

Often times when a marriage is in need of some serious help, couples will consult therapists and go to some version of couples therapy. This is a great look at what one therapist tells most couples before they decide whether divorce is better for them or if sticking it out is possible. If you’re going […]

Financial Tips

In 2016, it is important to make sure that your finances are in order. The most crucial thing you can do is go to Horne and Slaton law firm and get financial planning advice from one of our experienced attorneys. Also check out this list, that can help you in your continued journey of financial […]


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